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Cedar Log Picnic Table

Our Price: $715.00

Cedar Log Picnic Table #21


Our Cedar Log Picnic Table is perfect for outdoor barbecues or indoor country kitchens.

Come on over for a barbecue! This picnic table is perfect for seating six to eight people. Made of real cedar, our cedar picnic table is a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture that will add that simple, craftsman touch to your backyard. * See assembly instructions below.

  • Dimensions: 68" long x 62" wide x 29" high (width includes seats)
  • Benches flip up for easy lawn mowing
  • Easy Assembly - Takes 2 people 30 minutes or less
  • Free Shipping!

Small side bench shown above sold seperately. Take a look at our 2' Cedar Straight Bench for one extra person at your picnic or our 3' Straight Cedar Bench that can hold up to two extra people. Add one of these extra useful benches to your picnic table package!

When you buy from Cape Cod Treasure Chest, you are guaranteed a quality product, personal service, reliable delivery and as always a great value.

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It's so easy to assemble this cedar log picnic table, anyone can do it!

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Picnic Table Step 1:
Lay the top of your cedar log picnic table flat on the ground. Apply glue to the four holes at the corners of the table top and carefully insert each leg of the picnic table into its corresponding hole. Make sure that the bottom of the leg (which will be pointing up at this point) is parallel to the ground.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Picnic Table Step 2:
Using the washers and the 4 1/2" lag screws that are provided with your picnic table, attach the 58° seat supports to the legs of your picnic table as shown here.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Picnic Table Step 3:
Lay the first picnic table seat onto the seat support on one side of the table. Align the holes that are in the crossbars on the underside of the seat with the holes in the bar of the seat support. After lining the holes up, attach the seat to the seat support through these holes with the 3" lag screws and washers. Once you've attached the first seat, repeat the process for the second seat on the opposite side of the table.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Picnic Table Step 4:
Set the two crosspieces to the center bottom of the picnic table and pointing outward toward the non-seat edges of the table, so that they are lying on the seat supports right next to the table leg. Line up the holes and attach the crosspieces to the seat support beams with the 4 1/2" lag screws.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Picnic Table Step 5:
Now set your picnic table right side up. Make sure that the table feels stable and level on the ground with no rocking. If the table top is not level, you can adjust this by gently pushing one of the legs further into its hole.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Picnic Table Step 6:
Finally, you should nail the joints of the table legs into the crossbeam on the underside of the table as shown here in this illustration to the right. This will help to stablize and strengthen your cedar picnic table.

Easy assembly is something Cape Cod Treasure Chest's customers really appreciate. A few moments of your time and a minimum of elbow grease are required to fully assemble a table your family will value for years to come.

* Complete instructions for assembling your cedar log table will be included with your purchase of this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture.
Outdoor dining and picnics are good for your family's health.

Statistics indicate that Americans currently spend an average of 90% of every day indoors. Here on Cape Cod, outdoor living is a more natural part of daily life. Maybe this is because our rough winters give us such a keen appreciation of the warmer months. Whatever the case may be, there's no denying that humans were designed to soak up sunshine and fresh air whenever we have the chance.

One of the super values of this cedar wood picnic table is that it enables a family to have a second dining room - outside! Whether a Southern barbecue, a New England clam bake, or a California fresh veggie roast is your family's style, making the choice to eat some of your meals outdoors turns a run-of-the-mill dinner into a really pleasant event.

While picnicking in comfort at your outdoor picnic table, you will also have the chance to:

  • Admire the scenery and greenery
  • Watch the birds
  • Warm up in the sun or cool off in the shade

The craftsmanship that goes into each of our cedar outdoor furniture pieces gives you all the comfort you expect from an indoor dining room, but with even prettier surroundings!

In addition to making a superior piece of outdoor furniture, many of our customers have found this picnic table to be exactly what they were looking for when striving to achieve a rustic look, country look, or the on-trend Danish modern revival look indoors. The pale, plain wood is as basic as can be, and lends itself to so many decorating styles. The classic design of the cedar slab seats and table top with real cedar log legs is timeless and yet the perfect, unexpected touch for creative modern decor.

Caring for your cedar log picnic table
When you purchase your table, the fresh wood will be a pale creamy color. This will weather over time to a pearly grey, if left untreated. However, you can seal, paint, or stain your table to achieve a variety of different effects. Read more about caring for your cedar wood furniture.

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