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Log Ottoman

Our Price: $80.00

Cedar Log Ottoman #11


Our cedar log ottoman is a beautiful addition for comfort and style to your cedar adirondack chair.

For the perfect finishing touch to your adirondack chair, try our cedar log ottoman. The quality and craftsmanship of this piece of cedar outdoor furniture will complete your adirondack set, making your outdoor comfort complete! * See assembly instructions below.

  • Dimensions: 14.25" H x 20" D x 19.25" W
  • 15 lbs
  • Free Shipping!

When you buy from Cape Cod Treasure Chest, you are guaranteed a quality product, personal service, reliable delivery and as always a great value.

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How to assemble your new cedar log ottoman in just three steps!

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Ottoman Step 1:
Lay one of the sides of your cedar ottoman flat on the ground, with the holes facing upwards. Take the top of the ottoman and insert it into the holes in the side piece as shown in the illustration to the right. Repeat this process for the second side of the ottoman.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Ottoman Step 2:
Using a hammer, lightly tap the ottoman at each of the joints in order to firmly secure the pieces together. Make sure to use a piece of wood as a barrier between your hammer and the ottoman during this process. This will prevent you from denting or damaging your furniture.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Log Ottoman Step 3:
Finally, nail the joints together to finish the ottoman off. You're now all set to start enjoying your new cedar ottoman. Take it outside, put it in front of your adirondack chair, and see just how comfortable you will be!

* Complete instructions for assembling your cedar log ottoman will be included with your purchase of this beautiful piece of wood furniture.
Why choose cedar for outdoor furniture?

Cedar is technically classified as a light soft wood. It was a premium choice for craftsmen of the Arts and Crafts era, and continues to be one of the most trusted woods for outdoor furniture making today. Cape Cod Treasure Chest stands behind the quality of our outdoor furniture, and that is why we insist of cedar wood for items like this cedar ottoman. We want what you buy from us to serve you well.

Please consider this short list of the properties of cedar that make it the natural choice for dependable outdoor furniture.

1. Flexibility - Cedar is called a light soft wood because of its ability to resist warping. It is quite strong, but not so rigid that weight or weather will crack it. You can put your feet up on this ottoman without ever fearing you will bend the wood out of shape.

2. Weather Resistance - Cedar has an amazing natural resistance to the elements. Ice, rain, snow, and heat do not penetrate to the heart of the wood, and if left unstained this ottoman will turn a natural soft grey color. Many people choose cedar for furniture they wish to leave outdoors year round because of its toughness in the face of all kinds of weather.

3. Low Flammability - Campers don't choose cedar for kindling wood because it is somewhat flame resistant, slow to burn, and slow to give off smoke. We recommend that any outdoor furniture located next to a fire pit or barbeque be made of cedar wood.

4. Insect Repellant - Bugs do not like cedar. This unusual quality of the wood will protect your ottoman from being chewed by insects, and may even protect you from getting bit or stung in the great outdoors.

The above 4 facts are just some of the smart reasons to opt for cedar in your outdoor living space. From an aesthetic point, you will love the beauty of this durable wood, and the classic, rustic touch this ottoman adds to your outdoor seating arrangements.

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