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Oversized Adirondack Ottoman

Our Price: $115.00

Cedar Adirondack Ottoman, Oversized


Our cedar Adirondack Ottoman makes our already comfortable Adirondack Chairs even more relaxing

Use this beautifully crafted cedar ottoman alongside one of our Oversized Cedar Adirondack Chairs for the ultimate experience in outdoor comfort. * See assembly instructions below.

  • Dimensions: 23" wide x 15" deep x 13.5" high
  • Made from White Cedar
  • Easy Assembly
  • Free Shipping!

When you buy from Cape Cod Treasure Chest, you are guaranteed a quality product, personal service, reliable delivery and as always a great value.

Order today or call us toll free for more information. (888) 381-5300.

You're just two steps away from your lovely cedar ottoman with these simple instructions!

How to Assemble Your Cedar Adirondack Ottoman Step 1:
Slide the main section of your cedar ottoman into place within the leg and crossbeam section as shown to the right. Make sure that the holes on both pieces line up.

How to Assemble Your Cedar Adirondack Ottoman Step 2:
Now attach the two pieces of your ottoman together using the bolts, washers and nuts that came with your package. The bolts should slide easily into the holes if lined up correctly. Once the pieces are bolted together, you're finished! It's just that simple to start enjoying this truly beautiful piece of handcrafted cedar outdoor furniture from Cape Cod Treasure Chest.

* Complete instructions for assembling your cedar ottoman will be included with your purchase of this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture.
Take a load off your feet and relax with this carefully designed cedar ottoman.

Weary legs and feet get the break they're aching for with this adirondack ottoman. You'll appreciate the way this deluxe footstool has been designed to match the contours of human posture when you are sitting in your adirondack chair. The deep, comfortable slant of the classic adirondack chair seat slightly elevates the knees. This cedar wood ottoman is built to accommodate this exact position.

You'll love the versatility this cedar ottoman adds to your basic adirondack chair - turning it into an incredibly comfortable chaise lounge whenever you want to kick back in luxury style. It adds the finishing touch to any cedar outdoor furniture collection.

Health professionals are advocating that Americans aim for even one tiny catnap a day to combat stress and replenish vitality. Cape Cod locals know that a mere five minutes spent in an adirondack chair can set you up for the rest of the day in high good humor. With such easy assembly and our guarantee of your satisfaction, adding an adirondack ottoman to your official rest stop is a smart and simple thing you can do to reward yourself or a loved one.

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